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How to Close Like a Pro | Video Masterclass

How to Close Like a Pro | Video Masterclass

The art of closing is one of the most important fundamentals that every small business MUST learn how to do! Because even if you have the best branding and marketing in the world, if you can't C L O S E you will find yourself spending an overwhelming amount of time, energy, and money with little to show for it in return.


The closing process is an essential. The problem is, you very likely HATE SELLING.


Am I right?


The idea of trying to convince someone to buy from you might just make you a bit queezy, or completely terrified.


I've got good news for you. I don't like selling any more than you do. So I don't.

"Wait what? You don't sell?"


Nope. Let me clarify.


I DO generate a considerable amount of sales in my business, but I do NOT do a considerable amount of selling.


In the nearly 20 years that I spent in corporate I have been exposed to every sales training you could possibly imagine. And I got really good at being a salesman.


When I started my own business 7 years ago I leveraged all my training and experience to be the best salesman I could. Until I realized, I really hated selling. What I really wanted to do was SERVE people, but still drive a considerable amount of sales doing so.


So I developed my own strategy. My own process. I've refined it. I've perfected it.


This is a brief overview of what I will teach you in this training:


  • How to get a general interest prospect to commit to having a conversation with you!
  • Exactly what to say for them to let their guard down!
  • Why "30 minute discovery calls" aren't enough and what yours absolutely must be!
  • How to structure your conversation in three crucial stages!
  • How to transition to each call stage seamlessly to build the prospects buying temperature without them even knowing it!
  • How to eliminate every objection before they are even brought up!
  • How to get the prospect to come to their own conclusion that they need your help, and ASK FOR IT!
  • How to get your prospect to ASK YOU how they can work with you, and what the investment will be!
  • How to handle the money conversation comfortably, and how to be ready with options to get your commitment and close your sale
  • PLUS - Everything that you MUST ABSOLUTELY DO after you hang up!


ALSO! In this class I will be teaching you how to craft incredibly effective text scripts to get commitments to every step of the process along the way! (I HAVE NEVER TAUGHT THIS BEFORE!)


If you've heard of the phrase "Knowledge is power".. his training will give you SO MUCH POWER in your business!

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