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The 5 Most Common MONEY MINDSET BLOCKS that are Preventing You from Getting Paid what You’re Worth!

Updated: Apr 17

Money Mindset blocks. I believe everyone deals with this at some point in the process of building a new business. I certainly did.

Knowing they’re there, and that the issue is mindset, helps a little.

Like 5%.

Actually getting down to the meat of them and clearing them from your subconscious, is what’s really necessary. Otherwise, they will continually drain your energy and ability to run your business every time you attempt to close a sale.

Knowing what the most common money blocks are is the first step towards removing them from your mindset. So let’s just get them right out here.

These are the top 5 money mindset blocks that I hear people express when trying to tell me “Justin, I can’t charge that much”:

  1. “MY AUDIENCE won’t pay that much.”

  2. “They’ll hate me.”

  3. “It’s too much for me (out of integrity).”

  4. “They might be disappointed.”

  5. “I’ll feel too pressured to make sure they’re happy.”

So again, knowing what the blocks are is the first step. Knowing what causes them is the key to erasing them from your mindset and seeing real change in the way you do business. Not to mention the results you will be able to acquire.

Let’s unpack each one of these.

1. “Justin, I can’t charge that much. My audience won’t pay it.”

This is almost always a money setpoint issue.

Money setpoint is the amount of money you believe is appropriate to pay for anything – a car, a home, a piece of clothing, a cup of coffee, etc. You almost certainly have inconsistent money setpoints.

For example, you may be frugal when it comes to your car, but you will invest in the best organic food. You may be frugal with clothing for yourself, but you will invest in the highest quality carpet for your home.

Having inconsistent money setpoints means you have varying degrees of what you believe is worth spending money on, and this is very common.

But in saying, “My audience won’t pay that much,” you’re laying your values on top of your audience and assuming that others have low money setpoints with regard to the work you do or the transformation you provide.

You might also be laying your setpoint values on your particular industry altogether. Like mine can collect more premium fees, but yours can't.

The truth is though, the personal development industry is a 40 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY where millions of people pay thousands and thousands of dollars for the help and the transformation they need every single year.

So your perspective that your audience or your industry won’t pay that much is entirely false. You’re projecting your money setpoint feelings onto them.

2. “Justin, I can’t charge that much. They’ll hate me.”

This belief comes from the idea that when you offer your services in a more premium offer, your audience (or some people from your audience) will be angry at you because they feel that you’re charging too much, or you’re greedy.

This is a genuine concern that so many of the clients I work with have struggled with.

The thing is, this isn’t about your audience. This is about you.

Yes, 100%, there are people who complain about the price of everything. But alternatively, there are also people who don’t complain about the price of anything. So let me get to the root of which one you are.

Ask yourself these 3 questions, and be honest with yourself:

  • Do I resent other people’s money, and their ability to buy what they want?

  • Do I frequently find myself saying, “That’s too expensive!”?

  • Do I complain about what others spend their money on, in a way that questions their intelligence, integrity, or values?

C’mon y’all, you know who I’m talking about right? I’m talking about when you treat yourself with something new and as soon as that person sees it their first response is “How much did that cost?”

Or after decades of driving the same beater car that had 400,000 miles on it, you finally go out and buy yourself a new vehicle, and that person chimes in with the signature line.. “Your other one was still doing fine wasn’t it? Did you really need something that new?”

Do you all know that person?

Or maybe you are that person?

If any of the 3 questions I asked you are true, you have a poverty mindset, lack beliefs, and resentment about money. And you’re assuming that other people you speak to will feel the same way as you do.

Certainly, some very possibly will, but here’s the key. When you transform yourself you tend to attract people who act and think the way you do.

3. “Justin, I can’t charge that much. It’s too much for me (out of integrity).”

If this is you, I acknowledge you for the fact that you want to operate with integrity with your pricing. But you are almost certainly undervaluing the service or transformation that you provide.

Because the work that we do, the outcomes that we deliver, are not easy. Right? I mean, I know that my work in branding and website design is beyond what most people are capable of. That’s why you hire me!

But the fact that the work that I do is fulfilling to me, is important to me, and is something that I love and enjoy doing does not mean that it’s not worthy of a premium fee.

This feeling of “I can’t charge that much. It’s too much for me.” is most often born out of the feeling that since you love your work so much, you shouldn’t be paid that much to do it. After all, we’re not usually paid for our hobbies, or other fun things we do are we?

If this feels true for you, recognize that you are operating in your gifting – you are using the gifts, talents, and abilities that God planted inside of you and you’re building a business so you have the freedom to operate in your calling!

Imagine a chef who prepares the finest one-of-kind dishes, he’s been creating recipes since he was 10 years old and has always loved cooking.

Would you expect to pay less for one of his meals because he loves what does? No, that’s ridiculous, right?

Look in the mirror.

God gave me this gifting and he says in his word that he has a plan to prosper me and not to harm me and to give me hope and an amazing future! (Jeremiah 29:11).

He also says that he will equip me with everything that I need to do exactly what he has called me to do! (Hebrews 13:21).

That burning desire you have. That passion that you have. That dream that you have. That was planted there by the Lord for you. Just for you!

It’s your gift. And we don’t serve a God of barely making it. We serve a God of abundance. We serve a God of more than enough!

Recognize how unique and special you are, and how valuable your gifting is, and be sure you align your pricing with the value you are bringing to the world.

4. “Justin, I can’t charge that much. They might be disappointed.”

One of the reasons that some people shy away from charging premium fees is because the clients you may have worked with in the past achieved different levels of transformation.

I’ve experienced this.

You, as a coach or service provider, are probably envisioning the maximum level of success that a client could achieve if they apply what you teach them and really do the work. But you know that not everyone will, because not everyone has the same level of commitment and work ethic.

So you may be uncomfortable charging premium fees for your services knowing that many of your clients won’t achieve the highest level of success that is possible when working with you.

Recognize this. Those individuals may be perfectly satisfied with the level of success they were able to achieve by working with you, but you may be always measuring their progress against your ultimate ideal.

That’s a situation designed to cause grief, for both you and the client, and you may end up creating the disappointment you want to avoid.

This one can also come from the root of knowing deep down that you are not nearly as disciplined as you need to be to serve a premium client at the level that they most likely are going to expect.

I just stomped on someone’s toes.

You feel that if they pay less they won’t have such a high expectation of you, because to whom much is given much is required and you very likely know deep down that you are not ready to show up and deliver at the level required with a premium fee.

This is my challenge for you.

Imagine I called you today and said, “Guess what! I just got back from a networking conference and I have found 5 prospects that are absolutely perfect for you! I told them all about you. They are ready to work, they know they need your help, and they are ready to pay your premium fee!” (And when I say premium, I’m not talking hundreds. I’m talking thousands.)

So imagine those 5 clients all paid you a premium fee today to start working with you. What would you need to change immediately?

  • What needs to change in your routine?

  • What needs to change in the daily operations of your business?

  • What needs to change in your organization, paperwork, and filing?

  • What needs to change in your processes?

  • What needs to change in your level of commitment and discipline?

Those are just a few of the areas that I can almost guarantee have glaring issues. It’s time for you to take yourself seriously enough to become the business owner that your business needs you to be.

And when you do, you’ll become more and more comfortable with raising your prices because you know you’re earning it and you deserve it.

Now for you’re last one.

5. “Justin, I can’t charge that much. I’ll feel too pressured to make sure they’re happy.”

While this is similar to #4, this is more about the internal pressure you may feel.

If you feel the need to make sure that your client is happy at all times, you’re setting yourself up for failure right at the get go.

Going through change is difficult for people. Growth is difficult.

One of the best ways to ensure a client’s commitment to the process, especially through the uncomfortable, is to charge more.

I said one of the best ways to ensure a client’s commitment to your process is to charge more.

WRITE THIS DOWN: When people pay, they pay attention.

Your clients will be much more likely to stick with tougher coaching, and more in-depth results-driven process, when you charge high-ticket and focus on the outcome rather than their in-the-moment comfort with what’s happening.

A quick recap.

These are the top 5 money mindset blocks:

  1. "MY AUDIENCE won’t pay that much.”

  2. “They’ll hate me.”

  3. “It’s too much for me (out of integrity).”

  4. “They might be disappointed.”

  5. “I’ll feel too pressured to make sure they’re happy.”

All of these are lies.

Whichever one or few are affecting you, take some time to review the thoughts that I gave you today and work on eradicating those blocks from your mindset.

Because if it stays there it’s like a virus and it’ll make your business very very sick. If not kill it.

That’s what I’ve got for you today Crew.

If you’re stuck and you know it, I challenge you to reach out to me at

If I had the opportunity to go back in time and tell myself one thing in the early stages of my business, all I would say is “Get help sooner.”

I didn’t. I tried to do it all myself. And listen, there’s nothing wrong with being a do-it-yourselfer. I think that’s a natural trait of an entrepreneur.

The problem comes when you are a do-it-yourselfer AND. IT. SHOWS.

Get help sooner. Invest in the tools, training, and support you need to accomplish the things that you’ve been unable to do on your own.

I guarantee it’ll change everything.

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