This 7-Day Challenge was originally created as a live challenge with a large active group. While they had to wait for each day's challenge to be revealed, YOU have full access to all of the challenge content right out of the gate so you definitely need to pace yourself!

I highly encourage you to use the 7-day format and follow along the plan as it has been designed. Each day's challenge has a brief lesson to read, a pdf download to access and a video to watch. In the original live challenge all of this content was emailed to the participants so you will hear me reference emails in the video content. You can disregard those statements as all of the content you need is made available for you right here!

As you complete each assignment I will be challenging you to send me your work! I will be personally reviewing and critiquing what you send me throughout the challenge and providing coaching and feedback for improvement all along the way.

My coaching and feedback may come in the form of an email, text message, or voice call depending on the complexity of what needs to be communicated.

Before I drop your first challenge, here's a FEW ACTION STEPS I need each of you to take!

** Save my cell phone # in your phone 928-358-0488.

** Text me your name so I can save yours (if we have not already connected via text) and let me know when is the best time of day to contact you

** Send me a friend request on Facebook ( if we are not already friends

** Text me the link to your Facebook business page, if you have one

** Text me the link to your website, if you have one

** Actively participate and DO THE WORK with every day's challenge assignments


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 1st Challenge Video

Your First Challenge is to clearly identify the core fundamentals and foundation of your business. A house cannot stand without a strong foundation and one of the most significant elements to building a profitable and unforgettable personal brand is clarity of your message and business strategy. To aid you in this process, be sure to download my "ELEVATE YOUR BRAND - Orientation & Challenge Guide" pdf resourse for your reference.

DO NOT rush through this assignment. Block off time to get work through this process, and really challenge yourself to think through your answers in detail. This 7-Day challenge isn't for me, IT IS FOR YOU!! Respect yourself and make a commitment throughout this week to truly hone your craft!

Email me your answers to these questions and I will get you your feedback!


QUICK NOTE: In the first challenge notes I asked you to please text me so I can save your cell number. If you have not already done so, please do that today! I provide all my thoughts, notes and critique via voice message and text is the easiest and most effective way for me to send those messages. If you want feedback on your work, I need to have your number. So! Please make sure you get that to me.

Let's continue!

One of my favorite quotes is by Jennifer Lee who says "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!"

Don't you love that quote?!

For me, that's really what building a Brand is all about.

It’s not about changing who you are.

It’s not about becoming a different person or creating a persona of someone you're not.

If you do that, your business will NOT be successful.

Which is actually GREAT news.

Because this means Branding is really about some good old fashioned soul-searching.

Who you are… why you’re amazing… the gift that God has given you... what you're passionate about… your strengths… your weaknesses… your vulnerabilities… your values...

THIS... is what makes you who you are.

AND THAT... is what makes you magnetic.

It’s the core of your brand.

It’s what attracts your ideal clients.

It's your differentiator.

Which brings us to your next challenge!


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 2nd Challenge Video

Your Second Challenge is to quiet your mind, search your spirit and ask yourself these powerfully impactful questions.

Yesterday you answered some key questions about your brand.

Today you're going to answer some key questions about YOU.

This is honestly one of the single greatest roadblocks that business owners struggle with.

Not marketing. Not product development. Not content creation.


Which is why we're committing one full day to this right up front.


The bible says in Proverbs 23:7 "For as a man thinketh, so is he."

What goes on in between your ears will impact every other thing you do.

Download and use the attached guide to answer these 10 powerful questions for yourself.

Email me your answers to these questions by END OF DAY TODAY!

That's all for today Crew! Have a spectacular day!


What do you sell?

It’s not an easy question to answer is it?

If it is, you may need a subtle shift in your perspective.

For example, let’s say you sell pumpkins… because maybe the fall is your favorite season.

Your problem though… is that a pumpkin is a pumpkin.

So how do you stand out and grow a business selling something that’s hard to differentiate?

Get this y’all… what you sell needs to be more than just your product or service.

Are you selling different color pumpkins? Different sizes?

Or are you selling a whole experience of spending a whole day doing fall activities ALONG with buying a pumpkin? Hay rides? A corn maze possible? Is there apple cider and fresh baked fall donuts? Do I get to go our to the pumpkin patch with my family and pick out our favorites?

Instead of just selling pumpkins... now you’re selling me an EXPERIENCE... a FEELING. MEMORIES. A day spending quality time with you family away from electronics on a beautiful fall day.

This is so important in your branding. You don’t want to brand or build simply around the one thing you do... or the one thing you sell. Because that might change and evolve. You want to brand around the result you offer. The feeling. The experience.

So that’s our Challenge for Day 3 – Excite Your Offer

It’s important to note what you want to focus on selling NOW needs to be indicative to where you currently are NOW, in this moment in time.

In this season.

And knowing that your Brand is going to evolve over time with new services, products or refinements to past offers.

Today we’re NOT trying to answer the question, “What do I want my Brand to fully offer over the next 1-3 years?”

Today we’re trying to answer the question, “Of all the good things that I can offer, what is the absolute BEST thing I can offer right now, in this season of early 2020?”

Does that make sense?

The fun thing to think about, is that you are literally ONE DECISION AWAY for completely changing your reality.

You could decide today to brainstorm and entirely new offer that no one has ever heard of before.

You could decide today to revamp and refresh a past offer with an entirely new packaging and appeal and shift your pricepoint 2x, 3x or even 10x and transform your business with an entirely new level of clientele.

You could decide today to simply START… and give that idea that you’ve been thinking on forever a real chance to manifest.

Every day your decisions are shaping your reality and your future as an entrepreneur.

In the attached guide that I gave you I have outlined two different exercises for you.

So let’s dive in.


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 3rd Challenge Video

(Psssstt.. if you haven't already done so, tap that SUBSCRIBE button while watching today's video :D)

Work through each of these questions and email me your responses.

I'm really excited to see what you guys come up with on this piece!

Have fun with it!

And remember, what we are brainstorming today is the WHAT... don't get stuck trying to figure out the HOW.

That's my job :D

Have a great day y'all!


VISION… what a word.

For some people it inspires… for others it terrifies.

Some people have no idea what it even means… others can imagine what it means but have no idea how they could possibly establish a vision for their own life, because they can’t seem to see anything beyond their current circumstances.

The bible says in Proverbs 29:18 that “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (KJV) and I 1000% believe this applies to business and branding as well.

If you cannot establish a true and authentic vision for your life and future, the likelihood of you experiencing anything close to the greatness you are capable of is slim.

I can’t even count the number of people that have told me it was a silly waste of time to think about a vision for my life.

“Who does that?” they’d say…

“Like any of that will really happen for you” they’d say…

The truth is, I’ve always been a visionary. I just had to learn how develop my skill and transform my mind to recognize what was REALLY POSSIBLE for my life.

People avoid creating a vision for their lives because they believe the exercise is futile. Why make a vision when it’s impossible to accomplish those things anyway, right?

But the thing is, the most successful and accomplished people that I have been able to meet and engage with over the year all have a vision for their lives.

With some of them I remember thinking and telling Courtney, “it’s like they have supernatural insight into what’s coming next in their lives, like they’ve it before it happens.


On the other hand, people I meet or know who are stuck and have that hopeless look in their eyes, like they’re just passing time in life without joy or aspiration, those people don’t have a vision.

In fact, many of them don’t even have long-term goals.

And the primary reason for that is because that can figure out how to look past or see anything greater than their current circumstances

So a question then… does having a vision make you better able to change your life?

Or does having the determination to change your life make having a vision possible?


Having the determination to change your as well as having a vision for where you want to go are the yin and yang of living a great life.

They’re interdependent and complimentary of one another. One will jump-start the other.

Find the motivation and determination to change your life, and you’ll be able to create a vision for it. Or, get an authentic vision for your life that strikes you at your core and you won’t be able to help but make some powerful and meaningful changes.

So what’s the difference between a life vision and long-term goals?

Goals are individual experiences and accomplishments you strive for. They’re milestones.

Vision is the big picture.

Your vision defines who you want to be, what you want to be known for and the set of experiences and accomplishments you aim for. Your vision helps define the goals by giving you a framework to evaluate those goals.

Your vision becomes your why.

Your vision should aim to answer questions like:

What do you believe you’re capable of in life? What are the greatest things you could accomplish, given the right circumstances, resources and motivation?

What impact do you want to make in the lives of the people you are surrounded by?

What kinds of people do you want to be surrounded by?

Where do you want to go?

What experiences do you want to have in your life?

Well let’s just dive right into this shall we?!


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 4th Challenge Video

(Psssstt.. if you haven't already done so, tap that SUBSCRIBE button while watching today's video :D)

Now that you know what is scripting and how to use it, I’m going to put you to work.

In your challenge guide the last pages give you place to script your 2020 Vision. This is for you. You are not going to send this to me or share with anyone. THIS IS FOR YOU.

I want to you refresh your mind and spirit of the things that you wrote down as the greatest desires of your heart. Then I want you to imagine that today is December 31st, 2020. It’s New Year’s Eve and you are reflecting on the past year.

EVERYTHING that you desired has come to fruition. EVERYTHING. Personally, professionally, spiritually and financially. It’s yours. It’s happened. You’ve experienced it. You’ve acquired it.
CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Now imagine it!

Scripting is describing that. Describe what you feel. Describe the experiences that you’ve had. The breakthroughs you’ve had and how amazing it feels? What do you want to tell the Lord? How grateful are you?

The importance here is to capture that emotion and allow yourself to really express what you wish to manifest.

Don't let your limiting ideas stop you from manifesting what you truly desire.

Remember, don’t try to outline how it happened… just outline what has happened. It’s not your job to figure out.

That’s your assignment for today.


Again, this is for you so you do not need to email me your work today. HOWEVER, accountability is powerful. So, once you have your script done I would like you to text me and tell me how the process made you feel.

Lastly, once your script is done I want you to fold it up in an envelope, seal it and store it somewhere where you will be able to find it, open it and read it at the end of the year on New Year's Eve!

Have a great day!! ~ JC


I’m going to tell you a quick story.

In November of 2019 I was doing a usual scroll on Facebook and came across an ad that showed a couple wearing matching hoodies.

His said King… hers said Queen and of course, they were black and red.

Attention captured! “How fun!” I thought.

I took a snapshot of my phone screen to save and show Courtney later. (Note that key point)

Show her. She loved them. We’ve got to get a set.

So, to GOOGLE I go to look up “King and Queen Hoodies”.

Park here for a second… just because experienced you in one place doesn’t mean they’re going to remember how to find you!

93% of ALL internet searches are executed by Google.

Meaning… if someone is going to look YOU up or try to find information about your niche, product or service…

They’re going to forget your website.

They’re going to forget your social media handle.

They’re going to forget everything you told them… they’re going to Google.

Back to my story…

So I find some options for my King and Queen Hoodies… the most appealing from a website called “Couples Choice”.

“Did you look on Amazon?” you might ask. You’re funny… we’ll get there in a second.

So my hoodies on “Couple’s Choice” look great, priced very reasonably… perfect! ORDERED!

This was on a Saturday afternoon.

Now being the Amazon junkie that I am, I have become accustomed to incredible level of ease and speed when it comes to ordering product online.

So, having ordered my product on Saturday afternoon I expected a confirmation email within a few minutes and shipping/tracking info within 24 hours at the MOST.

Sunday came and went. No confirmation. No shipping info.

So you can imagine, come Monday morning I’m beginning to get a bit impatient.

Now isn’t that stupid?! It’s literally only been like 36 hours since I placed my order over a WEEKEND and I’m getting impatient.

We live in a world that demands ease, speed and accessibility. This is an Amazon Prime marketplace.

Back to my story…

My Monday morning impatience leads me think… “I wonder if Amazon has these hoodies?”

Duh… of course they do!

I look them up, sure enough. There they are! Same price. Available on Prime. I can get them in 2 days.

Ugh… so I’m like well, I’ll give the “little guys” the benefit of my order and see if I hear from them today.

Monday came and went… STILL. NO. CONFIRMATION.

By Tuesday morning I was over it. SO, I sent Couple’s Choice and email, provided my order # and requested to cancel my order and get a refund.

Tuesday afternoon I received a reply NOW thanking me for my order and informing me that “canceling would be impossible as your order is already on it’s way to you!”

I’m like, “Great news! But wait, if it has already shipped… wouldn’t I have received shipping/tracking info?”

So I responded to their email… “Thanks so much for the update and for letting me know that my product has shipped. Please provide tracking info so I can see the eta and know when to expect my order.”

Their response will blow your mind, and is the substance of today’s training.


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 5th Challenge Video

(Psssstt.. if you haven't already done so, tap that SUBSCRIBE button while watching today's video :D)

Once you have completed your answers to each of these questions please email me your responses to! Use “DAY 5 CHALLENGE” as the subject line and send me your work in whatever form is easiest for you.

Have a great day Crew!


DAY 6!

What a week right?!

Has it been good for you?!

I know my content and assignments have not been easy this week guys, but I promise you they are powerfully necessary!

Please read through this email in it’s entirety as I have a lot of important information to share!

For our sixth day, you get to come up for air!

You’ve earned it!

One of the reminders that I give to my clients all the time is that everything you are currently doing and not doing is forming your Brand Identity!


Here’s a quote that I want to challenge you with today:

“Success is the result of consistently practicing winning actions to develop winning skills. There is nothing miraculous about the process. There is no luck involved.” – Bill Russell; Former NBA Star, Author and Speaker

My mission to challenge you with today is to transform the experiences that your audience has with you every day.

We’re going to shift from average to impactful… from inconsistent to intentional

Today's training video is the recording of the live group Zoom training that I held for my live Elevate Your Brand challenge.

In this training I tie all the work together that you have completed this week and teach you my EXACT 8-Step Client Conversion Formula to TARGET, ATTRACT and CLOSE New Clients with EASE!

This is not only one of my absolute favorite subjects to teach, but it is also one of the MOST VALUABLE subjects I teach!

This training is a GAMECHANGER… and will teach you how to create your own strategic, intentional and powerfully effective client conversion formula to attract paying clients to YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

To get the most out of this training I have attached a pdf guide for you to download and/or print out.


This worksheet will be tremendously helpful for you to have in front of you while listening to my Zoom training.

It is designed to give you a powerful visual playbook that you can use to strategically plan your own client conversion process!

Once you get the hang of the process, you can print as many copies as you like and use this guide over and over!

If you would like to get a head start before watching the video training, work on filling out sections 1, 2 and 3. We have covered A LOT this week on these areas so you should have answers to many, if not all, of those questions.


** DOWNLOAD & REVIEW THE ATTACHED GUIDE, THEN watch the 6th Challenge Video

(Psssstt.. if you haven't already done so, tap that SUBSCRIBE button while watching today's video :D)

Whew! I know that was a lot to cover but hopefully it has opened up your mind to a wide array of possibilities!!

Get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow for your LAST CHALLENGE!


What a week Crew!!

As promised in yesterday's Zoom call recording I have included the FREE TRAINING on Selling to the Personality here in today's video module. I have also included the 7-Day Content Map pdf that I referenced in the training so you can access that as well!

I know I've asked a lot of you guys this week, but I also KNOW what this clarity, strategy, technique and implementation has the potential to produce!!!


You all have done an incredible job putting in the work this week, and I am PROUD of all that you have accomplished!!

The question now is.. where do we go from here?!


Throughout this week you have..
• ..outlined and clarified your BRAND FOUNDATION!
• ..reset your MINDSET and truly distinguished who and what you want to be!
• ..defined the most valuable and powerful OFFER you have to make to the market
• ..established a clear written VISION for your year!
• ..narrowed down your UNIQUE TARGET CUSTOMER and the VALUE POINTS to attract them!
• ..clearly defined your UMBRELLA, SPECIALTY and CORE THEMES of your brand!
• ..and finally, last night you learned how to TIE IT ALL TOGETHER create your own CLIENT CONVERSION FORMULA to engage and attract those paying clients!

Your next step is to define what it is going to take, and what level of support you are going to need, to MANIFEST THE VISION that we have begun to awaken!

What level of guidance and support do you need to implement the system and structure to successfully take your business to it's next level!

I have spent the past two months preparing and creating the material for this challenge. I decided right out of the gate that I wanted this to be the most impactful and valuable challenge that not only have I ever done, but has EVER BEEN DONE on the subject of branding!

I believe I accomplished that, and I am hopeful that you felt my commitment to this group from your end!

Along with the challenge, I have also been working to create an Elevate Your Brand business mentoring package to coincide with the challenge, and with this my commitment was the same… create a package and program that is the most impactful and valuable coaching package that has EVER BEEN OFFERED in the framework of branding and business development!

Once again, I believe I have accomplished that, and I am excited to share it with you!

This is an exclusive program that is available ONLY to this challenge group, and being offered at significantly reduced pricing from my regular programs!


My Elevate Your Brand business development package combines my Full Branding Suite and my Business Builder Website Package with a 6-MONTH or 12-MONTH option for 1:1 mentoring sessions to form the ultimate bundle of...

• Branding & Design,
• Product Development,
• Tech Support,
• Marketing Strategy,
• and All-Inclusive Business Mentoring to truly ELEVATE YOUR BRAND to it's next level!

No matter what stage you are in as a self-employed business owner, this program is tailored to meet you right where you are and serve you with exactly what you need!

You have questions, you have ideas but you may have no idea where you should be start?! I'VE GOT YOU! We've got a lot to accomplish and there are key things that MUST BE DONE FIRST! I will guide you step-by-step in establishing a clear path forward and working together, we will bring your vision to a powerful reality! It's time for your to STARTUP and LAUNCH!

You've gotten a lot accomplished but you may be feeling stuck on a plateau! Maybe you've had branding done but you don't love it, or it needs a refresh. Maybe you've had a website built but you know it's not where it needs to be. You're lacking clarity in your core message or in your target clientele. You've got a lot going on and a lot of ideas, but none of them have been powerfully streamlined or leveraged? You've made some money but you're ready for those 5-figure months and 6-figure years! It's time for you to CLEAN UP and STREAMLINE!

You know what you're doing. You've put in the work, built your tribe and established your brand presence in the marketplace. You likely have a signature program, a marketing process and a content strategy. You may want to give your branding and/or website a 2020 refresh. You may be ready to leverage new tech such as evergreen content, Clickfunnels or chatbots to automate sales, expand your income streams and increase your passive income potential. This your year to expand! It's time for you to LEVEL UP and SCALE!

You might be one of these descriptions, or you may fall somewhere in between. The point is, my Elevate Your Brand business development package is not a one-size-fits-all program.

This package is Fully-Custom, All-Inclusive and Tailored to Your Specific Needs!



That's right, PER YEAR. The Elevate Your Brand business development program is only offered once per year and is only made available to the select individuals who complete the Elevate Your Brand 7-Day Challenge process. You will never see this program at this price again!

As always, my promise to you is never to deliver the expected.. but to deliver the UNEXPECTED!

If I blew your mind this week... just wait.

I'm only getting started.

Make this commitment and I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you make this year!


It has been my absolute pleasure to serve you this week! I can't wait to see who joins me on the other side!!

Thank you all so much for your commitment of time and attention this week!

I know it hasn’t been easy, but I pray it has been worth it!

God bless and THANK YOU!!


One of the most powerful, exclusive and all-inclusive programs I have ever created, Elevate Your Brand takes design, service and strategy to a level that is unmatched!

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