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Over here taking action towards your goals. Bravo!


If you’re interested in working with me to either bring your new brand to life or give your current one a much-needed refresh, just fill out the form below and provide as much detail as possible so I can understand your need. 


You can expect to hear back from me within 48 business hours.  My open office hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

I’ll be in touch very soon to schedule your free consultation call so I can learn all about your unique business goals.

For other questions or collaborations, reach out to me directly at

God Bless and Talk Soon!



Before filling out the form, here are a few FAQ's to check out to give you answers to some of the questions you may have!

  • What makes you different from other professionals who do branding and website design?
    First and foremost, I am a man of faith. Jesus Christ is Lord of my life. Everything that I do for my clients, as well as for my own business, is filtered through the foundation of God's word. I believe wholeheartedly that God doesn't take you where you don't take Him, so I take Him everywhere.. and include Him in everything. Secondly, I believe the Lord has given me an incredible gift for strategy and I use that gift to provide my clients with the training and guidance they need to get REAL RESULTS. Many professionals who specialize in branding will cover all aspects of design, but will not personally work with you to develop a marketing strategy to USE YOUR BRAND to it's maximum potential. I do. Thirdly, I have over 20 years of graphic design expertise. Many branding professionals will teach you techniques and principles and act as a personal advocate for your brand, but when the phone hangs up they outsource the design work to someone else. I do not. Every aspect of your branding and design is developed by me, and done by me.
  • What is your availability? How many projects do you take on at a time?
    I work on a first come, first served basis. I usually have anywhere from 15-20 active branding clients that I am working with on a monthly basis. Due to the time demands of the complex design work I produce, I often book new clients out several weeks in advance. If I have an active waiting list at the time of your contact, you will be given a specific start date and estimated timeline when your proposal is prepared. I am very efficient in my work, but I am also extremely detailed and I will never rush the process.
  • What are your payment policies and methods of payment accepted?
    Some of my packages and services are purchased at a flat rate and are paid in full upfront, while other larger scale or custom projects can be billed in installments agreed upon by myself and my client prior to beginning work. I do not work ahead of payments so when an installment plan is arranged, each payment made will grant the client a portion of the contracted work to be completed for that amount. Any additional revisions beyond the original contract will be invoiced separately at a rate of $150.00/hr. Payments can be made with credit card via online invoicing or by check. Checks will be held for 5 days to clear before any work will commence.
  • What is your refund policy?
    If you wish to cancel the agreement and payments within 5 business days of the date the initial deposit was made, you may do so for a full (100%) refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products delivered. This refund is only available if the services have not commenced in any way. Refunds may take up to 21 days to process after notice of cancellation. Notice of cancellation must be provided in writing and delivered by mail or emailed to Voicemail and verbal correspondence do not constitute acceptable cancellation notice. In the event of cancellation, you will forfeit any bonus offers and be billed for any already received. Cancellation notice will be deemed to be the date on which Justin Cappon Pro receives the written notification. Should the client fail to notify Justin Cappon Pro in writing and choose not to participate in the services to be provided by the coach as outlined above, there will be no refunds, credits or transfers available. If at any time either the Client or Coach believe that the Coaching Sessions and agreement are no longer serving the needs of the Client they may initiate a discussion to rectify the situation prior to cancelling the Program or Sessions. Initial contact should be through email wherein the Client or Coach detail their beliefs and reasons for such beliefs. A discussion will then occur between the Client and Coach to resolve any issues and determine resolution. If after discussion both parties agree the resolution to be termination of the agreement then a refund of any amount paid for unused services will be given to the Client within ten (10) business days. Deposits made to secure a place in my schedule are non-refundable. I often book my projects several months in advance as to be sure that I can guarantee all of my clients receive the proper amount of time their project deserves. My nonrefundable deposit is necessary to secure payment and ensure that my clients are completely invested in moving forward with their branding contract.
  • What design programs do you use?
    The primary design software that I use is Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The designs that I create are finalized in high-definition flatened PSD and transparent PNG format.
  • How do you transfer files and final design work to your clients?
    Every one of my clients will be set up with a personalized dropbox folder that I will use to transfer and store all files, designs and work that I have completed for them.
  • Do you take care of securing domains, social media handles and setting up personalized email accounts?"
    I will provide you with guidance and specific instruction to establish these elements of your branding but you will need to follow through to apply the steps I give you to take. Of course I am absolutely availabe to help with any challenges that rise up in the process.
  • What programs do you use for our coaching calls and design meetings?
    All client meetings and design consultations will be held over Zoom live video conferencing.
  • What website platforms do you work with?
    I can work with any web design platform and have extensive experience in all primary platforms including Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Wix, etc. My platform of choice is Wix. My own website is built on Wix and that is the platform that I recommend to clients who don't have a preference. The reason for my preference to Wix is the design capability to create a truly one-of-a-kind custom site that is not limited to templates or code. I also have broad experience with funnels and course building platforms that can be integrated into your Wix website.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! Payment options can be broken up monthly or quarterly from when you book in to when your project is expected to be completed. I also offer discounts for paying in full.
  • How soon are you availabe to start if I hire you?
    I am typically pre-booking about one month ahead. That wait time DOES come in handy for your client prep work though! Once a new client is aquired, I will immediately provide you with a list of pre-work to get started on.



If you have any additional questions that I didn't address here, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly! No question is a dumb question, and I want to make sure you are fully confident in your investment. Where there is a lack of communication, we tend to draw our own conclusions which usually leads to miscommunication.  I want to ensure we are 100% on the same page before any consulting or design work begins.

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch soon!



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