Home Town:

Battle Creek, Michigan

Justin R. Cappon

Age:            38

Experience:  21 Years in Graphic Design

                  15 Years in Corporate Business

                  12 Years in Marketing

                  12 Years in Brand Management

                    5 Years in Multi-Level Marketing

                    4 Years Full-Time Self-Employed



Branding, Startup Business Development, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Digital Product Development

Turned Pro: May, 2015

First Book Published: May, 2016

First Academy Launched: June, 2016

First International Client Contract: September, 2016

First Keynote Speaking Event: July, 2016

MILESTONE | Serving Over 50 Clients in 23 States: July, 2016

Second Academy Launched: August, 2016

2017 JCPRO VIP Inner Circle Launched: Black Friday, 2016

Third Academy Launched: September, 2016

MILESTONE | Serving Over 100 Clients in 3 Countries: January, 2017

MILESTONE | Serving Over 150 Clients in 6 Different Countries: August, 2017

Fourth Academy Launched: May, 2017


Justin is happily married to his beautiful wife Courtney and has 4 children, two boys and two girls.  Justin has devoted his life and business to the Lord and uses biblical principles as the foundation of his business and mentoring services. 

After spending 15 years of his career in corporate business and leadership, Justin Cappon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to realize his lifelong goal of starting and running his own business at the age of 33.  After establishing his core values as Faith, Family, Commitment to Excellence, Integrity and Honesty.. Justin vowed to always make God the first, the center and the foundation of his business; he vowed never to let the pressure of his business come before his family; he vowed to establish and maintain a reputation for excellence in every regard; and he vowed to operate his business with the upmost integrity and honesty.


“Justin is a man of excellence, integrity and honesty.  He is totally committed to your success!” Client: Christina Arnold, Founder of Living Essentially Strong


“He goes above and beyond in his services.  He is a man of God - a servant leader with great character and integrity! I’ve never worked with anyone who was able to, promptly, meet all of my business needs as Mr. Cappon!”  Client: Jim Beach – “Mr. Relentless”, International Personal Development Speaker

With minimal cash flow, limited resources and a mountain of adversity, Justin pressed through to beat all odds and built a steady sales-generating machine in his first 6-months of business.  Finding a powerful marketing avenue in livestream broadcasting and honing his craft for motivational and inspirational speaking, Justin built his young and small local business into an international powerhouse serving hundreds of clients in six different countries all over the world in just two short years.

In that time, Justin has also written and published his first book “Stepping Stones | An Entrepreneurial Guide & Workbook” and created an entire university of digital academies and programs to train entrepreneurs in focus areas such as branding, livestream broadcasting, custom content monetization and a proven success formula for turning your passion into a true PROfession! 

“No matter where you are, he can & will help you. I highly recommend Justin, he is not just my coach/mentor, he is a great friend.”  Client: Peggy Mitchell, Founder of Awaken with Peggy Sue


I hope you're excited right now, because you have the potential to do something incredible.  The world is at your fingertips more than ever before.  The online space has exploded your potential for growth and I am on a mission to redefine what it means to be a small business owner in the online space. 

Being a "small" business has nothing to do with your actual volume or size, rather it has everything to do with the manner in which you conduct your business and engage with your audience. It goes far beyond a logo or great looking website.  It's about creating an experience. A brand is worthless if it doesn't connect and engage with the right audience in a relevant way. My mission is to help you become that brand.  To be memorable and influencial in your space.  You have a gift.  You have an idea.  You have a passion.  I'm here to bring it to life!

The mission of my business is to GENUINELY SERVE.  I am very much a people person and relationships come first!  My clients are not solely business relationships, but they are also my great friends.  That being said, I will CHALLENGE YOU!  I will always tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear.  My training is structured with strategic principles, step-by-step practical implementation strategies and clear & concise action plans to deliver MEASURABLE RESULTS.

It would be my honor and pleasure to serve you.  

God bless and talk soon!


YOUR SUCCESS is the definition of MY BRAND.

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